[VOM컬쳐] Africa Film Festival… A virtual journey to home (ENG)

Africa Film Festival… A virtual journey to home

@darwish Musab

For refugees, returning home is an impossible dream, yet we never give up on this dream. Despite the difficulty of realizing this dream, we seek various ways to return to the homeland at least in virtual ways. We return to the homeland every day using the memories machine inside us, or by preparing food we love that reminds us of the homeland, or by continuing to celebrate special occasions in the homeland.

This time, the journey made by a cinema screen took us on a short trip home… We, a group of friends, went to see an Egyptian movie at the cinema in Myeongdong. This was the first time that we all had a chance to see an Egyptian movie in the cinema since we set foot in Korea.” Photocopy” takes us on a 90-minute trip home, even though the duration of that trip is very short, however, it left a deep impression on the effect of homesickness… a mixture of sadness, joy, and pain at the same time.

@darwish Musab

The showroom was fully complete, the presence of this number of Koreans to watch a movie from our country, feeling the sad scenes, laughing at scenes that we are laughing at. Something confirms that just as the Korean society affects us, our Egyptian society leaves its mark here as well, and this is the importance of integration between cultures and the importance of communication between peoples, And the need to abandon societal lockdown.

@darwish Musab CAIRO DEC,2015

Many of the film’s scenes take place in the downtown area near TAHRIR Square, the cradle of our revolution, the Arab Spring Revolution, and the region that has witnessed my human rights activities and journalism for years since 2010.
Watch those parts of the homeland through the cinema screen, and you know for sure that you will not be in it again, it is so sad feeling, that made many of us cry while watching the movie.
Opposites always come together at the same time… Sadness and joy … pain and relief, and just as there is a sad side to this experience, there is a bright side as well.
Let me share this bright side with you…

@darwish Musab

This was the first time for my four-year-old daughter to visit the cinema. Of course, it was an interesting experience for her, and she called the cinema screen “BIG TV”.
More interestingly, she watched the movie An icon of modern Egyptian cinema and a cast of actors that there are not many like them in Egypt right now.
My child interacted with the film and recognized the language of the film, which she said “it’s like my parents’ words”.
It is good that the first experience is related to the motherland … a country in which she was not born with, a nation that she did not know and do not know when she will be able to visit it, but what she hears and watch relates to it, despite the simple belief of my daughter that this “BIG TV” only takes her to Egypt, this experience will remain in her memory for a long time.


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