Telling Lives and Voices of Migrants
Media Center for Migrants, MWTV

MWTV (Migrant World TV) was established in 2004 with a mission to convey the voices and lives of migrants for the first time in Korea.

MWTV gives migrants their voice. MWTV listens to migrants’ stories and reality.
It is a professional media that tells realities and issues related to migrants and is a support center for migrants to tell their own lives.

MWTV services


    The VOM deals with the reality and issues of migrants

    This is the only professional media in Korea that deeply conveys to issues and reality related to migrants. It tells migrants’ life and reality and their neighbors’ news and activities through articles and videos containing vivid voice of migrants.

    NEWS VOM Link

  • Radio MWFM

    Migrants produce their own radio programs

    Migrants operate a migrant radio, telling their own lives. Migrants participate directly in the radio production such as planning, scripting, appearing, and operating. They talk about lives and dreams of migrants who are living in Korea. They have chances to understand each other through a pleasant conversation about cultural differences between each other. So far, 20 migrants have participated in the radio production, and 17 programs have been produced and broadcasted in 8 languages.

    MWFM Link

  • Migrant World Film Festival (MWFF)

    Migrants tell their own stories through movies

    MWFF (Migrant World Film Festival) has been held every year since 2006. Migrants make their own lives into movies and show them to Korean audiences through film festivals. The film festival is a place of pleasant communication where Korean people and migrants come together to talk and understand each other’s lives.

    MWFF Link

  • Migrants Media Education: MW Academy

    MW Academy provides media education, through which migrants can make a place and channel to talk about their own lives and reality. A total of 130 migrants and Korean people completed media education courses at MW Academy. Approximately 100 of the students participated in radio production, press coverage, and webzine publishing, thereby telling their own lives and reality in their own perspectives.

    – Film Making Course
    – Radio Production Course
    – Press Corps Course

    MW Academy Link



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